Our software automates referral and relationship reward programs for banks and credit unions of all asset sizes

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Today, referrals and recommendations determine where new account holders will bank. In fact, 73% of account holders choose their financial institution based on advice from a friend, family member or co-worker. However, over half of Gen Z respondents identify a fintech as the trusted source of their primary financial relationship. Financial institutions can reassert their position of relationship primacy by leveraging a fully automated referral program that tightly integrates digital delivery along with all other channels including branches.

ReferLive™ by CustomerStream continues to be the industry’s only omni-channel referral system designed exclusively for financial institutions. ReferLive delivers a 100% compliant and turn-key refer-a-friend experience that your highest value account holders will enjoy.

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Savvy consumers expect an exceptional digital experience as part of their banking relationship. Many financial institutions have invested in attracting account holders with an intuitive, mobile and home banking experience featuring 24/7 access to their finances, payment options, and new ways to plan and save. It’s time to go beyond digital banking as a service channel and significantly increase new account growth through account holder referrals. ReferLive DBX™ provides a 100% native referral experience for your account holders from within your home and mobile banking platforms.

ReferLive DBX replaces manual processes with a fast, fully-digital referral experience. Give your account holders an opportunity to refer a friend while using your digital banking platform and demonstrate how your financial institution is unique.

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Declining branch transactions and fewer opportunities for branch-based product sales are leading many financial institutions to reassess their investment in a workplace banking program. This is for good reason; workplace banking new account openings are on average 75% less expensive to acquire. As digital, direct and mass media marketing costs climb, many banks are returning to workplace banking and financial literacy programs as a high growth channel for new account acquisition. With ReferLive @Work, financial institutions increase new accounts openings by over 200%, while enjoying automated offer tracking and program reporting tied to individual employers and workplace banking relationship managers.

ReferLive @Work amplifies the success of your current workplace banking program, seamlessly integrating with new employee orientations, as well as financial education and wellness workshops.

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Financial institutions need to adapt to rapidly evolving consumer behaviors related to banking. Offers from neo banks and fintechs are reshaping consumer preferences and engagement with their legacy financial institution. In light of this new landscape, efforts to increase loyalty and retention with high-value account holders take on added importance.

Incentifi enables financial institutions to re-imagine account holder loyalty rewards and enables account holders to pool rewards earned across various products or engagement levels to go well beyond existing loyalty schemes. Build your financial institution’s future and re-engage with your account holders while moving away from short-term strategies for fostering loyalty.

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Many financial institutions are in the process of expanding their approach to marketing automation. This journey has led to the rapid increase of incentivized marketing offers targeting both existing account holders and new households. As a result of this complex landscape, financial institutions recognize the need for an automated reward fulfillment platform that enables an exceptional account holder experience, while reducing costs of campaign reward management, fulfillment and reporting. Our incentive program management platform eliminates gaming of promotional offers and unwarranted program reward payouts. The impact is a reduction in program reward costs by 50% or more.

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