Inspire™ by ReferLive connects referral account openings with charitable giving.

We focus on just one thing, acquiring new account holders for our banking partners.

By contrast, the financial institutions we work with have diverse and sometimes competing

responsibilities. Our narrow focus underlies our tremendous success in referral account openings.

How It Works Acquire High Value Accounts

Our banking partners invest heavily in creating and maintaining sophisticated account holder transaction channels. Call centers, branches, telephone banking and online banking are expensive to support and profitability is oftentimes measured in terms of cost savings. ReferLive individually transforms these channels from an operating expense to a revenue generator. By incentivizing referrals at the moment of account holder interaction with their financial institution, ReferLive delivers a 30%+ increase to new account openings. We handle the entire referral marketing process ending with an account opening and reward fulfillment.


If you think you know referral account acquisition, think again. Our team has deep expertise in technology, database development, sales scripting, campaign reporting and customer service. Our experience equals success and we work as a strategic partner with every one of our clients. Unlike an ad agency or other type of vendor, we are only paid for the value we generate, in other words, for the new accounts we open.

Fully engage with your nonprofit partners and enjoy the benefits of account production through charitable giving in the workplace and retail locations. This unique platform transforms lobbies, break rooms, and POS retail locations into channels for new account production while automatically capturing the charity, referring business, employee ID, and cost center ID. This ensures that every account opened through this channel is properly credited to all those involved.


Inspire™ by ReferLive adds another dimension to your corporate philanthropy program. In today’s turbulent economy and with the skyrocketing costs of regulatory compliance, many financial institutions cannot afford to continue to just donate money; they must receive a return on their investment. The way to do this and still support local charities with your markets is through cause-related referral account openings.


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