Our Story

Headquartered in Nashville, TN, CustomerStream blends technology and creative

vision to deliver specialized financial service product platforms.


We focus on generating new account growth. CustomerStream provides turn-key account acquisition and fee income enhancement services for some of the biggest names in banking.


Our banking partners identify the type of accounts they want to acquire, set goals and establish value parameters. CustomerStream takes it from there.


What’s our secret? We leverage customer touch points at financial institutions and convert them into referral account openings. CustomerStream transforms branches, telephone banking, call centers and websites into channels for rewarding existing banking customers and acquiring new ones. That translates into a 30%+ increase to new account openings.


CustomerStream produces big results without risk and we believe in our ability to succeed. In fact, we are the only 100% pay for performance account acquirer for financial institutions.

Learn more about how your financial institution can:

Fee Income
High Value Accounts ACQUIRE
New Accounts

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